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What we do

Oregon State people generate knowledge-for-use, leadership and solutions for Oregon and the world — creating healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy economy. We are practical idealists — recognizing what should be and making it happen.

Who we are

  • Mindful: We are environmentally and socially conscious, responsive to the challenges that people and communities face. We listen to others as we work with them to solve real-world problems. We keep our eyes on the goal: healthier, safer, more prosperous and satisfying lives.
  • Authentic: We are genuine, caring and real. We address practical problems with integrity and respect. We study, teach and act to empower people with hope, information and ideas that are grounded in the work that Oregonians do every day.
  • Confident: We know who we are and let our actions speak for us. We develop leaders in our faculty, students and alumni who focus on the tasks at hand and use good judgment to make sound decisions. We act on the basis of experience and evidence, but we’re also willing to take calculated risks to meet challenges.
  • Achieving: We solve problems that enable Oregonians to live safer, smarter and more productive lives. We overcome difficulties and tackle problems faced by others. We demonstrate academic excellence through teaching and research and engage citizens in meaningful work. We make a positive difference in Oregon and beyond.

We're known for being:

  • Smarter
  • Greener
  • Healthier
  • Safer
  • Kinder
  • Innovative