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Web and Interactive Media

web and interactive mediaThe goal of our Web guidelines is to make your life a little simpler. We want it to be easier for you to reach your audiences online using language, imagery and style that lets the world know you're part of Oregon State. But we also recognize that everyone's communications needs are different, so we created a flexible set of rules and tools that will help you craft a distinct online presence that is still unique to your department or program.

In this section you'll find plenty of recommendations on colors, fonts, photos and style guidelines, as well as Web templates in Drupal and Wordpress that have Oregon State's brand standards built right in. There are a host of reasons to use this system. Here are just a few:

Save money

Building websites is an expensive process. An average site can cost tens of thousands of dollars for just the design — and that doesn't even include hosting and content. Use of our templates and Drupal and Wordpress content management systems is free, allowing you to save your budget and focus redesign energies on developing, updating and creating content.

Love your users

Users don't like to learn a new template and layout for every site they visit. They prefer consistency. So when they're visiting multiple sites at Oregon State, make it easier for them by using a common template. This will allow them to find what they need faster, saving them time and frustration.

Have more impact

When you use Oregon State's brand and identity, you're tapping into a system that draws on the reputation and history of the institution, plus all of the marketing and communications work that the central administration and other units are doing. Your messages will be more effective if they add to the efforts of others around the university.

Be secure and accessible

Using templates and the centrally hosted content managment system means that you don't have to worry about keeping your technology patched and maintained to keep things safe and secure. Someone else will sweat that for you. Also, as accessibility requirements change and Oregon State strives to address the needs of users with disabilities, we'll update our templates behind the scenes to stay ahead of trends and requirements.

We invite you to use these guidelines to help shape your online communications work. And if you can't find the solution to the problem you're trying to solve in these pages, just reach out to the Interactive Communications team. We're happy to help. You're also welcome to join the IMC Network on Ning for information on communications and marketing workshops and events.