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osu logos

There are three variations of the Oregon State logo: vertical, horizontal and simple with just the words “Oregon State University.” This allows flexibility of use in different media and formats.

To ensure recognition beyond the Pacific Northwest, the “OSU” letters that make up the logo must always be used with the words “Oregon State University.”

The university logo is a registered trademark and cannot be altered in any way.

Unique logos

Unique logos are not allowed for any academic, administrative or research units, without exception. Use of unique typographic or pictorial logos undermines efforts to build a unified Oregon State University brand.

Logo use

All communications, both print and electronic, published by Oregon State University, must prominently display an approved logo. All variations of the OSU logo are available for download.


Use of any stylized, animated, hand drawn or other versions of a beaver is not permitted. This undermines the logo system and brand consistency. Please consult with OSU Trademark Licensing if you have any questions or need further help.