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Fonts for the Web


Web fonts Eksja and GudeaBody text for the new Oregon State Drupal 7 themes is set in Gudea, a free font from Google Web Fonts. You can embed the code available on the Google Web Fonts website, or you can download the font and upload to your own server. Site titles and some headers are set in Eksja. Code to embed Eksja in your style sheet can be obtained by getting in touch with us, we cannot distribute copies of the font Eksja that can be installed in computers, but any website hosted within the oregonstate.edu domain can have access to the font. When setting large amounts of copy, black text is used on light backgrounds for maximum contrast and readability. Body type size should be the equivalent of 16 pixels with a line height of 22px.

Content links

Links in the content area of any website should use Oregon State orange: #c34500. The hover state changes text color to #615042.

    Navigation links

    Links appearing in designated navigation areas of the page do not need to be underlined, though they should be set apart from body or other content text by color, font weight or other styling. Oregon State orange or other designated support colors can be used for navigation links. Below are examples of possible styling for sidebar navigation.

    Sidebar navigation examples

      Graphic text

      Try to avoid using text as graphics; all text on Oregon State Web pages must use machine-readable system text. Graphic text should never be used as major navigation. Occasionally you may want to use graphic text for highlights or internal ads. Don't use more than a few highlights per page, and always use "alt" text in the image that fully describes all text appearing on the image.

      Below are some examples of use of text in highlights.

      Sidebar graphic text exampleSidebar graphic text example  Sidebar graphic text example

        Graphic text should be set in the Gudea font, which can be downloaded from Google Web Fonts.