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Vet Med Small Animal Hospital video

Video promoting small animal hospital

Photo of dog and video play button - click to play videoThe Challenge: The Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Hospital wanted to present a friendly face to the general public. Staff and administrators needed pet owners to understand that despite being part of a major institution, services aren't provided in a cold, clinical manner: staff are just as caring as at your neighborhood veterinarian.

Concept & process: We created a documentary-style video that walks viewers through the clinic from a pet's perspective. Featuring the voices of pet owners and hospital staff, an image of the institution is shaped by the words of the people actually involved. 

While we needed to show the caring side of the staff, we also wanted to emphasize the world-class facilities available at the hospital, so wherever possible we included high-tech equipment in the shots.

The "pets-eye view" provided a preview of what owners can expect their pets to experience.

Outcomes: With nearly a thousand views on YouTube and prominent placement as part of the hospital website, this video is spreading the word about the caring staff and amazing facilities available at Oregon State's veterinary hospital.