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Fermentation Science Special Issue

Fermentation Science Special Issue

Powered by Orange Fermentation Science issueThe Challenge: The Oregon State University brewing sciences program is world class, so the special issue of Powered by Orange had to be just as amazing. The program wanted the public to know the basics about what is offered through professional certification courses. The video and photos the program was using to promote itself previously were outdated.

Concept & process: We decided to create a home for all brewing-related stories at Oregon State. This includes stories about students and faculty as well as multimedia features. All aspects of the project highlight the Pacific northwest as the 'cradle of the craft brewing industry'. A brief summary, in text, provides information about the program's facilities as well as links to more information. One central video is featured on the page, to draw visitors in. Illustration is mixed throughout photography providing a unique theme for the site.

Outcomes: The site was well received, and even picked up by external blogs. The central video has over 1,500 views so far. Brewing classes are extremely popular, and the program has seen an increase of applications from people passionate about brewing sciences.