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Exceptions and Special Cases


Books published by the OSU Press or an outside publisher must carry the logo on the copyright page or in an equivalent position within the publication. Scholarly publications that are co-published by Oregon State and other universities, nongovernment organizations and/or government agencies must carry the logo within the publication. The logo is not required on the cover.

Internal communications

The logo is not required on communications among faculty, staff and students that are strictly internal, such as memoranda, draft papers, meeting notes and internal event promotion (e.g., a faculty/staff retreat).

Building and portal signage

University policy is outlined in the Campus Master Plan and is managed by Facilities Services. The Oregon State logo does not appear on main portal signage, exterior and interior building signage, historical markers and street signs.

Other logo exceptions

Because of the breadth and diversity of life and work within the university, there are many other cases that require special consideration regarding the logo. These include:

  • Anniversary celebrations for colleges, departments or other units
  • Special events for fund raising or recognition
  • Affiliate organizations (e.g., OSU Foundation, OSU Alumni Association)
  • Special affiliations for accreditation or funding purposes

It is not possible to cover all of these exceptions in this guide. The general rule is to follow the spirit of the guidelines whenever possible.


We request that you do not use any stylized, animated, hand drawn or other versions of a beaver. This undermines the logo system and brand consistency. Using photos of beavers in content areas where logical is ok. For example if you are doing a story about research on beaver habitats it is logical to add photos of beavers and their habitat. However, including an illustrated beaver in the header of your brochure, web site or poster would naturally be considered a logo and is not allowed. Please consult with OSU Trademark Licensing if you have any questions or need further help.