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We offer research opportunities to graduate students and post-graduates in many areas, so please contact us with your ideas if you want to be part of "Turbulence, Trends & Observational Tools". Here are some possible topics:

  • Transport and vertical coupling within plant canopies
  • Coherent structures
  • Transport in weak-wind conditions
  • Stable boundary layers
  • Lower atmospheric boundary layer dynamics, inner and outer scale Acoustic remote sensing
  • Trace gas exchange between land-surface and atmosphere (CO2, water vapor, CH4)
  • Ecosystem responses to drought stress
  • Carbon and water coupling
  • Meteorological instrumentation incl. trace gas analyzers and optical-fiber distributed temperature sensing
  • Cold-air drainage in mountainous terrain
  • Local and regional climate trends
  • General micrometeorology

Please also see our research opportunities postings on the COAS webpages.


Sorry, currently we have no openings, but asking never hurts. So please contact us!


We are looking for REU students who would like to gather some hands-on experience in the field and data analysis, have a good mathematical and physical understanding, and maybe already some experience with data analysis tools such as Matlab, IDL, etc. Please see our REU announcement on the COAS webpages (you will need to scroll almost all the way to the bottom).

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