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Field comparison of radiation shields started

Radition shield comparisonResearch: A field comparison between different radiation shields for thermo-hygrometers has started at the BPP research site near Corvallis as a pre-campaign to the NSF funded project on subcanopy flow (ARCFLO). The purpose of this study is to find out whether relatively inexpensive 'home-grown' radiation shields constructed from PVC pipe are as effective in minizming the radiative heating error of air temperature measurements caused by sunlight as more expensive commercially available models. Data from 3 different models of thermo-/hygrometers housed in 6 different types of radiation shields including aspirated, naturally ventilated, commercially available, and bmM-made painted and unpainted shields will be collected over the next weeks. Our goal is to find a less obstructive design to minimize the flow distortion caused by the radiation shield that would affect readings of a closely collocated sonic anemometer and cost savings.

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