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Are trees black bodies? Energy balance in natural ecosystems

Seminar annoucementInvited seminar: Solid State Physics & Optics Seminar Series, Dept. of Physics, OSU, Feb 10, 2010; 4pm Weniger 403; Speaker Christoph Thomas

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle and tree growth? Planck’s law and global warming? Ergodic hypothesis and meteorological towers? Odd pairs? The discipline of Environmental Physics takes fundamental laws and principles well-known and studied in physics and places them in the context of what’s surrounds us – our environment. Their application allows us to answer a broad spectrum of questions ranging from the basic energy and mass exchange between the atmosphere and the vegetation to highly complex interactions between landuse change and the predicted Earth’s climate.

The seminar will center around a conundrum that has eluded us for over three decades: Why can’t we close the surface energy balance? Come and find out about underlying principles, measurement techniques, and possible explanations…

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