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bmM group well represented at upcoming AMS meeting

AMS seal blueConference: The bmM group will present and co-author four oral papers at the upcoming AMS meeting: 

29th Conf. on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology/19th Symp. on Boundary Layers and Turbulence/Ninth Symp. on the Urban Environment (Keystone, CO)


Monday, Aug 2: 11:00 AM, J2.3: Space-time variability of subcanopy horizontal advection in moderately complex terrain (C. Thomas)

Monday, Aug 2: 01:30 PM, 1B.3: Field measurements from a new carbon dioxide and methane eddy-covariance flux analyzer for terrestrial, sea, and airborne applications  (Randy Apodaca, B. Law, A. Karion, C. Thomas, C. Sweeney, E. Crosson, T. A. Rahn, and W. McGillis)

Thursday, Aug 5: 3:45 PM, J9.2: A novel approach combining canopy flow analysis and stable isotopes to understand and quantify turbulent carbon exchange in forests (M. Zeeman, P. Sturm, S. Etzold, W. Eugster, N. Buchmann, A. Knohl, C. Thomas)

Friday, Aug 6: 11:30 AM, 14.5: Improved spatial monitoring of air temperature in forested complex terrain: an energy-balance based calibration method (A. Kennedy, C. Thomas, J. Selker, M. Unsworth)

Keep up the good work, this is an exciting and important opportunity! Christoph

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