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First Optical Fiber Deployment in Array



September 16, 2010: After months of designing, constructing, and installing the towers and pulley systems to support the optical fiber of the Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) array, two optical fibers were laced through the 36 top and bottom pulleys evenly spaced at 25 cm. The challenge is to avoid kinking the fiber which would lead to breaking the inner optical quartz fiber carrying the laser signal from the DTS system unit.

Outcome: The first deployment of the optical fiber in the pulley array was a success as the fiber did not break, kink, or jump out of the pulleys' grooves when the top boom was raised. Subsequent measurements of the DTS temperature indicated a good data quality. However, the alignment of the top boom to which the pulley assembly is mounted needs to be improved before the fiber can be deployed over the entire size of the array in this stage of the experiment (10 x 10 m).

DONUTSS-2010 pulleysA closeup image of the custommade pulleys.







DONUTSS-2010 black and white fiberThe deployed 0.9 mm thick (OD) pair of fibers consisting of black and white strands.












DONUTSS-2010 checking fibers' integrityAdam and Alex carefully check the fiber for integrity and alignment.

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