Behavioral Issues

Many social networking sites, such as Facebook, offer tools for dealing with CyberBullying. Abusive or offensive content is against their terms of use. If you find you are being bullied on a social networking site, report it to the administrators. They’ll protect your confidentiality and investigate the offense for you.

If you’re being bullied by another student at Oregon State University, contact the Student Conduct and Cyber Bullying IllustrationCommunity Standards Office.  A link to their web page is on our Additional Information page.

Cyber threats and Cyber predators should be treated seriously. Should you become aware of this activity, or you are a victim of a cyber threat or predator, please contact the Oregon State Police at the Department of Public Safety. Their contact information is included in our Incident Response section.

These are just a few tips to protect yourself, your computer and your data. We’ll be providing more ideas in our Respond section of this website in the near future--be sure to check back with us. If you have any ideas for responding to these types of risks, please share them with us through the “contact us” section of the site.

Thanks and have a safe time on the network.