Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources

The University has a set of rules called the Acceptable Use Policy. This sets out the standard guidelines for behavior on our network. We’d encourage you to read and understand the entire policy. In brief, the Acceptable Use Policy, or AUP, requires us all to be good citizens of the network, or “netizens.” To be a good netizen, you:

You should also be awareAUP that while OSU respects your privacy, your use of university computing resources is not completely private. There are circumstances where there is a legitimate reason for OSU to monitor and record the usage of all computing resources. This can either be done for performance issues, say, in the diagnosis of a technical problem, or as a result of a legal action, such as a court order for information or a legal request for discovery. OSU has the right to monitor your activities on the network if there is reason to believe that there are activities taking place in violation of Federal, State or local law or in violation of University Policy. Finally, some of your files may be deemed to be public records, which would be released if a request is made under public records laws.