Behavioral Issues

Cyber Bullying

The schoolyard bully has found new stomping grounds on the Internet. But the Cyber Bully, a person who posts mean-spirited messages or images about another person with the intent to hurt or embarrass them, has one big advantage—they can remain anonymous. Cyber Bullying Illustration

While you may think that a little name-calling is a normal part of life Cyber Bullies take this to the extreme. Attacks often become viral in nature with the victim having little or no means of recourse.  E-mail, text messaging, social media, blogging and websites are the tools of the Cyber Bully and the results have a potential audience in the millions.

Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats on the other hand are typically more direct. Someone making a cyber threat can either threaten to do harm to themselves, such as threatening to commit suicide, or to others, such as threatening to kill or harm another person. Cyber threats should be taken seriously and reported to the appropriate authorities.

Cyber Predators

Cyber Predators are the stalkers of the Internet. They seek out others, typically teens and young adults of both sexes, in an attempt to use, control or harm. Social networking sites and forums help cyber predators locate their prey.

So that’s a brief look at the dark side of the Internet. Next, in Be Aware: The Rules,  we’ll take a look at the policies and regulations that were created in response to these threats. In Be Aware: Respond, we’ll show you some things to do to protect yourself and your data from these threats.