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Assessing your community — the BCI Score™

The proprietary BCI survey — measures current affinity for your institution in four categories:

  • The personal impact of the educational experience
  • Personal identification with the institution's identity or brand
  • An evaluation of current and collective interactions and experiences with the institution itself
  • The nature and strength of relationships with alumni peers and the community

Alumni who have higher BCI scores are those who are more willing and likely to give. Results from the BCI survey provide opportunities for both expanding your donor pool and focusing outreach efforts toward the most productive donors and strongest prospects. The BCI score, moreover, can be unbundled in ways to support advancement professionals as they work to build the relationships of a healthy and engaged alumni community.

Nationwide Benchmark

The BCI survey is grounded in years of research in industry that revealed the powerful loyalty that can come from "brand communities." We introduced the BCI Score as a product developed from published research using a national survey of alumni from both public and private colleges and universities. We had participation from all 50 states and our sample includes alumni of large, medium, and small schools. So you can have confidence that the results you receive are based on a proven benchmark.


The BCI is compatible with your institution’s timelines and deadlines. The survey is conducted online, the most efficient method for producing the highest rate of return. This also makes it easier to tailor the BCI to fit your institution’s specific timing needs. Once the survey has been launched, the project can be completed in as little as six weeks. At the same time, we strongly recommend looking at your institution’s schedules, events, publications and timelines to determine the most strategic time to send the survey to your alumni and donors.


We maintain strict confidentiality for both the data we solicit and obtain for your institution, as well as for information about individual alumni, donors and friends. See the BCI Privacy Protection Policy for additional details.