Using the Results

The BCI survey provides multifaceted information about the state of your donor community, and the results can be integrated into your institution’s existing alumni and donor databases. It also exists as a stand-alone database resource from which you can extract and segment information.

For example, you can extract responses from a person’s survey, giving your development staff valuable context when meeting with prospective donors. From the aggregate scores, you can segment established donor and potential donor categories, assess the overall effectiveness of your existing programs and identify new development opportunities. You can also identify challenges and obstacles to giving.

Whatever information you extract from the BCI survey results, you can take specific actions that will strengthen and expand your donor community.

Advancement Services

BCI is a tool to help development and alumni focus efforts in areas of prospect identification, data mining, and discovery programming. The collected data is user friendly and easily implemented by merging with existing information in excel. The affinity data can stand alone or be combined with wealth ratings or other information.


Major Gifts

By matching a person’s affinity with their giving capacity, you can use the BCI data to find current donors and non-donors who have high affinity and are prime candidates for major gifts. The data can also reveal potential issues underlying in a donor’s feelings about your institution, helping your development officers know when personal contact is needed to build a relationship with a current prospect.

Annual Giving

Information from the BCI survey can reveal new opportunities and priorities for your annual giving program. By looking at a person’s affinity to the institution and their interest in giving, you can identify potential new annual gifts and the most productive of your annual donors.

Planned Giving

The BCI survey can give you insights into the connections and priorities of mature alumni, friends and donors. The BCI survey matches affinity, interests and capacity to give to create tangible profiles of potential planned-giving donors.

Alumni Relations

The BCI is a versatile instrument for discovery. The BCI survey assists development and alumni professionals in understanding and attending to the diverse relationships that bond alumni and donors with their peers, with their education experience, with the institution’s brand and with the institution behind the brand. The BCI survey allows participants to self-identify themselves on these bases. This gives development and alumni professionals tangible information and lists of people who self-identify as wanting to be involved. It also allows development professionals to find discrepancies within areas such as income, giving and connection to the institution. The data from the survey can be extracted and segmented depending on the specific needs of the development or alumni professional requesting the information.

Communications and Marketing

The BCI survey is a tool for focusing communications, finding where alumni and donors have the most affinity, be it college, department, professors, athletics, or geographic markets. BCI can also help identify gaps in affinity and if you choose, create an open forum for sharing stories and thoughts.