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 Building Communities of Philanthropy in Higher Education: Contextual Influences

  • In this era of constrained and declining economic resources, institutions of higher education are turning to advancement professionals to identify and cultivate the financial resources that are becoming an increasing and larger portion of the fundamental funding of the institution. In this high stakes arena, advancement professionals have a need for the tools that can assist them in cultivating philanthropic relationships more effectively and efficiently. To that purpose, this research empirically explores ways in which the brand community construct can be adapted...(Read more)

 Contextual Influences: Building Brand Community in Large and Small Colleges

  • This research extends recent efforts that have introduced and empirically tested a conceptual model of brand community in the context of higher education. This emerging literature has indicated that brand community provides a framework that can inform and guide marketing investments in ways that lead to affinity and stronger loyalty to the brand and institution. This paper presents the results of a national survey that examines the potential impact that institutional size may have on the relationships of an alumni brand community...(Read more)

 Building Relationships of Brand Community in Higher Education: A Strategic Framework for University Advancement

  • Loyal alumni are a mainstay of financial support for many universities. This empirical study of university alumni situates the emerging theory of brand community within the world of university development and advancement. The study measures key relationships that one would expect to find in a healthy university brand community. Most importantly, this research demonstrates the powerful contribution that understanding and managing brand community can make to those interested in the advancement of higher education. We find that integration within a university brand community explains important loyalty-related behaviors such as future donations to the university and the purchase and display of university logo merchandise...(Read more

 Building Brand Community

  • A brand community from a customer-experiential perspective is a fabric of relationships in which the customer is situated. Crucial relationships include those between the customer and the brand, between the customer and the firm, between the customer and the product in use, and among fellow customers. The authors delve ethnographically into a brand community and test key findings through quantitative methods. Conceptually, the study reveals insights that differ from prior research in four important ways...(Read more)


  • Some alumni are never going to give. Never. It usually takes several attempts for a development office to figure that out, however. A new survey tool from Oregon State University's College of Business aims to take the guesswork out of determining alumni affinity. The Building Community Initiatives survey... (Read more)