Living-Learning Communities

Research shows that first-year students who live on campus are more engaged in their college or university’s community and more likely to return for their second year. Living-learning communities amplify the academic and personal benefits provided by on-campus housing by directly connecting academic programming and faculty with living experience, offering students a holistic immersion in student life. Typically anchored by an academic unit, students engaged in living-learning communities—organized by floor, wing or located in an entire building—will have the opportunity to take part in experiential and for-credit learning opportunities organized by theme, compelling them to be engaged in the university community in meaningful ways. 


  • Facilitate student-to-student and student-to-faculty connections around shared intellectual interests
  • Bridge residential and academic components of the student experience


Ben Medeiros
Assistant Director, Living-Learning Communities
University Housing and Dining Services


Oregon State University currently works with three university partners for its current living-learning community offerings.