New Student Orientation


Orientation programs help students transition into the university environment by equipping both students and their families with knowledge to help students successfully begin their academic careers and continue to develop throughout their time at the university. 

New Student Programs & Family Outreach serves as a campus leader in facilitating the transition process for new students and their family members through collaborative programs and outreach, most notably through the formal new-student orientation programs. 

  • First-year START is an extensive two-day orientation, advising and registration program with various sessions offered June through September. START provides students with opportunities to meet and interact with fellow new students, current students and faculty and staff.
  • CONNECT is a cross campus collaboration that occurs the four days prior to the start of fall term. CONNECT programming further aids in new students’ transition into the university’s community of scholars.


  • Support student growth and development throughout their first year at Oregon State University
  • Familiarize students with the campus and community


Leslee Mayers
Associate Director, New Student Programs & Family Outreach


Relevant Initiatives


Research into first-year programming finds that students who develop connections with upperclassmen during their first year are likely to return to campus the following year. The CONNECT Crew program aims to facilitate these connections beginning in the fall term and continuing throughout the remainder of the academic year. CONNECT Crew leaders will facilitate four small group meetings with new students in the residence halls during fall term and follow up with these students in both winter and spring terms. These crew leaders will assist new students in developing relationships, effective academic habits and adjustment strategies through small group discussions, individual advisement and positive interactions. Partners include University Housing and Dining Services, the Academic Success Center and University Exploratory Studies Program.