Baccalaureate College

A central recommendation of the first-year experience task force was to create a new organizational structure to oversee Oregon State University’s first-year experience. The Baccalaureate College is proposed as a close confederation of programs and people as well as a one-stop, central academic resource designed to meet the needs of new students as they transition into the university.

The Baccalaureate College will lay the foundations for students to create integrated, coherent and personally meaningful educational programs across their time at Oregon State. This structure will likely lead to increased retention rates by providing centralized, navigable support for student success.

Examples of Similar Structures at Other Institutions


  • Oversee the integration of across the recommended first-year experience enhancements
  • Encompass the functions and services of first-year advising, orientation programs, academic support and supplemental units, early alert/checkpoint programs, undergraduate research, service learning opportunities, residential education and other student service units
  • Work with satellite services within the cultural resource centers through the proposed cultural center retention specialists
  • Provide proactive and supportive interactions to allow students to develop personal connections with key individuals and offices across campus


Susie-Brubaker Cole
Associate Provost for Academic Success and Engagement