Mission Statement:

The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center at Oregon State University was established to provide a fun, safe and welcoming facility for the retention of students. We provide academic, cultural, recreational, and social programs/activities related, but not limited to the Asian/Pacific Island cultures and heritages. It is our mission to educate students and members of the community about our various cultures and to provide leadership development through these events, activities, and other resources at the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center.


The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center was established in 1991 by faculty and staff of Oregon State University who saw a need for a center that would serve as a focal point for the education of the campus and local community about the Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. It is the newest of the four cultural centers at Oregon State University as well.


We provide opportunities for members of the campus and local communities to learn about different cultures in America and around the world without leaving Corvallis City limits. The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center events and activities include cooking demonstrations, crafts nights, dance workshops, forums, Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebrations, movie nights and much more.