Graduate Agricultural Education

Professional Teacher Education Program:

Admission Requirements

Make application during winter term prior to the academic year you wish to begin your program.

Two applications are required; one to the Department of Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences (due to 214 Bexell by February 14) [Department Application doc] and one to the Graduate School. [Grad School application] Paper copies of the application materials can be picked up in 214 Bexell. The application required by the Department will be available no later January 10 each year.

Minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 90 quarter, graded credit hours required to advance to the Professional program.

Prerequisites met. [Prerequisites]

Minimum 40 classroom hours of Early Field Experience time as a part of the Agricultural Science and Technology (AST) program (see AED 313).

Passing grade in your AED 313 experience.

Meet with program advisor Misty Lambert.