No Limit on Choices


Julie Neuschwander's general agriculture degree can take her wherever she wants to go.

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Julie NeuschwanderWhen Julie Neuschwander talks about the general agriculture program at Oregon State, she mostly talks about her options.

“I like the different things general agriculture offers. I like to  mix it up,” she says. “I’m going to have a broad overview of many areas when I graduate ranging from crops and soils, rangeland ecology and management, agricultural and resource economics, and other nonagricultural classes.” 

When Neuschwander talks to people in the industry, she finds out just how far a general agriculture degree can take her, and how varied her choices really are.

“I talk to people all the time who say, ‘I graduated with a general agriculture degree and I work at a creamery,’ or ‘I work for Farm Credit Services,’ or ‘I manage a ranch,’” Neuschwander says. “In the program you can try different things and later decide what you want for a career.”

The faculty and advisers in the College of Agricultural Sciences also make her feel at home. “The personal connection here is amazing,” Neuschwander says. “Everyone here really cares, and they want to make a difference and help you get what you want out of college.”

Neuschwander has been able to explore her options outside the classroom, as well. This summer she’ll be interning at the Farm Service Agency in Burns, Oregon, which deals with helping farmers with loans and financing.

She’s also been an Ambassador for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources, involved in Oregon State’s chapter of the Alpha Zeta agricultural honors fraternity, and been involved in the OSU Collegiate FFA chapter.

Wherever she decides to take her career, Neuschwander knows she wants to work in agriculture.  “People need agriculture,” she says. “It’s a good industry to be in because there will always be a need and you get to work with the best people. That’s why I like it.”