CASE Institutes 2014

Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education 

CASE Institute is a professional development workshop to provide teachers training for the instruction related to a specific CASE course. CASE Institute sessions provide teachers important background related to the pedagogy used in CASE curricula and practice teaching various lessons to prepare them for classroom instruction.

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Photos from 2010 CASE at OSU


July 20-30 in Silverton, OR (click here for more details)

Hosted at Oregon Gardens in Silverton, OR

Natural Resources and Ecology


A foundational level (sophomore) course providing students a variety of experiences that in the fields of natural resources and ecology. Study of the natural world including biomes, land, air, water, energy, use and care as well as a focus on issues surrounding man's interaction with the Earth will be addressed in this course.. The knowledge and skills students develop will be used in future courses within the CASE™ program.

 For more information about this course, check the CASE4Learning Website.