Welcome to your source of advising help!  It is our goal to provide as much advising and guidance as you need while you pursue your goal to obtain a degree in Agricultural Sciences! 

Scheduling an advising appointment:

Our department changes registration PIN numbers each term. Check your registration time each term by logging onto: Online Services Log-in (click registration tab; then check registration status).

We encourage you to start looking for new registration dates around week 4 or 5 of every term. Please phone or stop by to make an advising appointment (ideally just before you register for the following term).
214 Bexell
Phone: 541-737-2661


Preparing for your advising appointment:

Preparing for your advising appointment can make the most of your time and your advisor’s time.  Here are a few simple tips below to help you prepare for your appointment:

-Think of questions and bring them along!

-Research where you are in your program, by viewing your:  My Degrees Audit Report

-Check your credits (earned versus remaining)

-Prepare a list of classes you may be interested in registering for (including backups).

-Within our degree, you need agricultural electives; as you plan, keep in mind these electives can come from the following departments:

  • AREC- Agricultural & Resource Economics
  • AG -Agriculture Sciences
  • AED- Agricultural Education
  • ANS -Animal Sciences
  • BOT- Botany and Plant Pathology
  • BRR -Bioresource Research
  • CSS -Crop & Soil Science
  • CROP- Crop Science
  • ENT -Entomology
  • FST -Food Science & Technology
  • FW -Fisheries and Wildlife
  • HORT- Horticulture
  • RNG- Rangeland Ecology & Management
  • SOIL- Soil Science
  • TOX -Toxicology

Lots of announcements, internship opportunities, and scholarships come our way via email, and our advisor will be compiling these emails into one monthly newsletter for you!   We encourage you to take a peek at these issues in particular if you are seeking internships/employment.

If you have questions please contact us at 541-737-2661 or