Oregon State University has officially joined the OUS Articulation Transfer Linked Audit System (ATLAS) this summer. With this new service, OSU can greatly assist students transferring to and from OUS institutions. Some of the comprehensive features include:

  • Pointers to our Course and Program Guides - Use these tools to learn more about our courses and programs offered at OSU.
  • Course Equivalency Guides (Transfer Articulation) - Use this tool to see what your transfer courses will equate to at OSU.
  • Degree Evaluation (Degree Audit) - Use this tool to evaluate your coursework from other institutions and OSU to see what coursework is required to complete a degree.

ATLAS is easy to use and can be accessed from the Course Applicability System (CAS): https://www.transfer.org/uselect/login.htm. Anyone is welcome to set up an account and use the system.


The CAS website provides complete CAS instructions on how to use the system. See below for instructions specific to OSU users.

Abbreviated Instructions for OSU Users

Login Instructions


  1. Start at the Oregon CAS Website and select create account.
  2. Select Oregon as the state, and Oregon State University as the institution.
  3. Complete the user registration form.


Course Equivalencies


  1. Once logged in, use the "Equivalencies by Course"
  2. Select Oregon and Oregon State University
  3. You will be presented with several options for looking up course equivalencies.


Adding Coursework to CAS

You can add your coursework to CAS for evaluation.

There are 3 ways to accomplish this.

  1. Start by choosing Your Courses from the menu on the left, and then clicking the Add button.
  2. Then select U.S. Schools, Oregon and Oregon State University.
    [Note: To add coursework from other institutions, choose the appropriate state and institution at this time.]
  3. You are now presented with the options for adding coursework.
    [Note: When adding coursework from other institutions, all 3 options may not be available.]
    • Select from Course Catalog - Use this option to load courses one at a time from a series of drop-down boxes.
    • Import Course List - Use this option to load ALL of your coursework taken at OSU to date. This option requires you to use your InfOSU Student Online Services Log-in so CAS can access your coursework.
    • Add Course Manually - This option should be used as a last resort if your course is not available to be loaded via the Coursebank or Import.

Degree Evaluation

  1. Use the Programs, found in the menu on the top.
  2. To use the Create a Plan, you must load your coursework first (see above).
  3. Select Oregon and Oregon State University
  4. Then select the College, Department or Program you would like to compare your coursework with. With each selection, you will be presented with greater detail until you find the program you want to audit your coursework with.
  5. Once you submit your planning guide, it will take a few minutes before the report is available. Check back by returning to the Planning Guide from the menu. Evaluations that are still in progress will be shown as pending, and when complete, will change so you can view.

Contact Information


  • To contact OSU concerning course equivalencies while using ATLAS, email OSU Admissions.
  • To contact OSU concerning degree evaluation/planning guide while using ATLAS, email the OSU Registrar's Office
  • To contact OSU concerning fatal application errors, broken pages, or other failing features within the CAS interface, please contact Derek Whiteside.


OSU ATLAS Disclaimer and Explanation of Terms

This site should be used as a tool to assist in planning for your possible transfer to Oregon State University. Course articulation and degree evaluation on this web site is not official and does not guarantee transfer credit. This site is not a substitute for an official evaluation with an advisor or the official transfer articulation that is completed after admission to OSU.


  • If there is no direct OSU equivalent for a transfer course, then the OSU course number is given as "LDT" and the course title will say something like "General Credit, or the transfer course title will be listed for the OSU course title". "LDT" stands for "lower division transfer". "UDT" stands for "upper division transfer". "UDU" stands for "upper division unarticulated". "LDU" stands for "lower division unarticulated".
  • Semester credits should be multiplied by 1.5 to find the equivalent number of quarter credits.