Campus Housing

OK, so you’ve gotten through the admissions process (BTW, congrats again). Now the question is “Where am I going to live?” Moving can seem like a less-than-fun task (especially if you’ve lived with Mom and Dad this whole time), but University Housing and Dining Services, known on campus as UHDS for short, have made it about as easy as possible.

We really encourage you to live on campus because it’s a lot more than just a place to keep your stuff or oversleep before class (Let’s face it, that happens, but the good news is you can get just about anywhere on campus in 10 minutes or less). Living on campus makes you part of a community. It gives you a place to grow and make the college experience everything you want it to be. And it provides a strong support network to help you thrive. It’s where you can be independent, but not alone.

UHDS offers a variety of educational, cultural, recreational and social programs in every residence hall. And there are Resident Assistants (RA) on each floor or wing and a Resident Director (RD) in each building. But don’t worry; they’re not landlords. They’re more like the cool older siblings who make things fun, but also help you out with everything from labs to laundry.

UHDS also gives you the freedom to pick your roommate. You can ask to live with a friend you already know or meet someone new by using OSU’s unique Roommate Matching Network™. You can create a personal profile and browse through profiles of other students to find a good match, contact potential roommates online and arrange to meet before move-in day. Once you two have settled on living together, you’ve made your first friend — long before you ever get to campus. You can start looking for a roommate as soon as you apply for housing, and be sure to make your selection by our priority deadline, June 1, 2012, for the best chance of getting the residence hall and room you want. If you do not select a roommate in advance, UHDS will assign one using an automated process.

Meet other incoming students on the UHDS Facebook page.

There are some other unique housing options offered to OSU students, but we’ll save those for a future issue.

You can apply online for on-campus housing once you’re admitted using your ONID (OSU Network ID) at oregonstate.edu/uhds. No deposits are required, but a $45 non-refundable fee is charged to your student account. Yep, it’s that simple.