Graduates of Non-standard or Unaccredited High Schools or Home-Schooled Students

Graduates of non-standard or unaccredited high schools, or home-schooled students, may be admitted by successfully completing one of the following options:

Admission Based Upon SAT / ACT Scores

Students completing high school studies before 2006 must show:

A minimum SAT I score of 1070 on the recentered scale or an ACT – Enhanced score of 23; AND a score of 1410 on three SAT II subject tests (Writing, Math I or II, and a third exam of the students choice).

Students completing high school studies during and after 2006:

A minimum score of 1540 on the current SAT I exam or 23 on the ACT (writing scores are required by OSU); AND an average of 470 or above and a minimum total of 940 on two SAT II Subject Tests:(Math Level I or II is required) plus a second test of the student's choice.


Admission Based Upon GED Scores

Achieve an average GED score of at least:

 - 58, if taken prior to January 2002, with no subtest score less than 41

 - 580, if taken between January 2002 and December 2013, with no subtest score less than 410

 - 680 (total from 4 subject tests), if taken in January 2014 or later, with no subtest score less than 150

Applicants admitted on the basis of GED scores are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Foreign Language

Students who graduate from high school or take the GED test in the 1996-97 school year and later must pass two years of the same foreign language prior to admission. Foreign language taken at an unaccredited high school does not qualify.

Additional ways to meet OSU's foreign language requirement.