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Graduate Application Deadlines:

Graduate applicants should refer to their prospective program’s website to determine application deadlines. Go to Graduate Programs and select your major. Please note: Many graduate departments have a Jan. 15 or earlier deadline for a fall term start date.

General Information:

Unless otherwise instructed, all application materials can be submitted in one packet to the Graduate School.


Graduate School
Oregon State University
300 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis , OR 97331 USA

Fax: 541-737-3313


Materials may be submitted to the Graduate School at a later date, if needed, for the following:

  • Official Transcripts  
  • Official TOEFL scores
  • Official GRE/ GMAT scores
  • Letters of Reference
  • Certification of Finances Form and Evidence of Funding

Graduate Application Instructions:

In addition to the instructions listed below, graduate applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their academic program(s) of interest to determine whether additional admission materials are required.

Application Form: Electronic submission of the online application.

Application Fee: Applicants applying electronically must pay by Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card. The fee is $60.00.

Academic Transcripts: One official transcript of previous academic work, undergraduate and graduate. For documents in languages other than English, please provide a certified translation. Transcripts must show the last 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits), of graded course work in the first baccalaureate degree; and all course work completed after the first baccalaureate degree. Note: Grade slips/reports, computer printouts, internal transcripts are not acceptable.

Statement of Objectives: When applying electronically, the statement will be automatically forwarded to the department. Applicants applying only to graduate certificate programs are encouraged to consult with their departments to determine whether this item or other materials are required.

Letters of Reference: Three (3) letters of professional reference addressed to the proposed major department or the Graduate School are required of all applicants applying for admission to a graduate degree program. Check with your prospective program for specific instructions about letters of reference, including where they should be sent. Reference letters must be written on official letterhead and sealed in an envelope with the referees signature across the sealed flap. If you have a master’s degree, you should include a letter from your major professor. Applicants applying only to graduate certificate programs are encouraged to consult with their programs to determine whether these items or other materials are required.

GRE/ GMAT Scores: Certain departments/programs require the GRE of all applicants. Review your proposed program’s test score requirements by visiting Graduate Programs. The GMAT is required for all College of Business MBA applicants. Unofficial scores are acceptable for review of application. The ETS institution code for OSU is 4586.

TOEFL or IELTS Score: One photocopy of the applicant’s TOEFL or IELTS score. Unofficial TOEFL or IETLS scores are acceptable for review of application. If admitted, the official TOEFL or IELTS score must be received by the Graduate School before being allowed to register for the first term. TOEFL or IELTS scores must be less than two years old. The ETS institution code for OSU is 4586.

Certification of Finances Form and Evidence of Funding: A completed and signed OSU International Graduate Student Certification of Finances Form along with supporting documentation, demonstrating sufficient financial resources for the desired academic program must be submitted to the Graduate School. The Certification of Finances must be completed and signed and submitted along with sufficient evidence of funding before the I-20 can be issued. Bank statements should be no more than nine months old before the term of enrollment at the university. All documents must bear an original signature and seal. Preferably, financial documentation should be submitted at the same time as the Certification of Finances Form. Faxes are acceptable temporarily, however an original is required prior to enrollment. Certified copies and originals are preferred. Documents must be less than 9 months old at the time one begins his or her studies at OSU.

Additional documents: View your prospective program’s website for more information.

Special instructions for MAIS (Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies) Applicants :

Due to the nature of the MAIS program which involves three programs, applicants are asked to submit:

    • Five (5) copies of all transcripts
    • Five (5) copies of the statement of objectives
    • Five (5) copies of TOEFL scores

What to Expect after you submit your application to OSU:


  • After 2-3 days, you may return to the InfOSU page and re-enter your login and password that you used when submitting the application.
  • Click on “Check Your Status” and review which documents have been received and entered into the system.
  • Because your supporting materials will likely arrive by postal service, it is best to wait 3-4 weeks before checking to see whether your documents have been received. Please note that during certain times of the year, the high volume of mail often requires extra time to process.
  • Processing time for graduate applications varies greatly as each program has their own timeline for reviewing applications. Contact your program directly for more information.
  • Depending on the program, you should receive confirmation (via email or post) of the receipt of your application and whether any items may still be missing.
  • For questions about graduate assistantships, contact your program directly.