20 diverse student journalists gather for High School Journalism Institute 2013

July 22nd, 2013

Oregon State University is again hosting the annual High School Journalism Institute at the Corvallis campus.

Institute participants this year include ethnic minorities, low-income students, students who will be the first in their family to attend university and students achieving through disabilities. Many face multiple disadvantage factors.

All of the students have voices and backgrounds that are underrepresented in America’s newsrooms. These are students who have overcome some of life’s toughest challenges and hail from families struggling with poverty, health problems, refugee experiences, the criminal justice system and other issues. The stories they have to tell are the exact stories that journalism often fails to adequately cover.


Below is a list of the participating students:

  • Fernando Aguilar, Glencoe High School, senior
  • Jzalana Bethune-Summers, Madison High School, senior
  • Emiko Bledsoe, Parkrose High School, sophomore
  • Emma Brazell, Crescent Valley High School, junior
  • Karla Castaneda, Parkrose High School, senior
  • Savannah Cha, Parkrose High School, junior
  • Lorena Colcer, Glencoe High School, senior
  • Ilda Eufragio, Parkrose High School, junior
  • Evita Garza, Parkrose High School, junior
  • Cassie Hill, Grant High School, junior
  • Melissa Ingabire, Westview High School, junior
  • Andreea Ioanas, Parkrose High School, sophomore
  • Nargiz Mitalipova, Aloha High School, sophomore
  • Pearl Moon, Reynolds High School, junior
  • Diana Ornelas, Reynolds High School, senior
  • Rachel Sandin, Reynolds High School graduate
  • Hunter Stewart, Grant High School, junior
  • Calli Storrs, Franklin High School, junior
  • Tuyen Ta, Parkrose High School, sophomore
  • Koji Wieber, Grant High School, junior

Full story at The Oregonian web site.


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