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**Kern River Beavers to Get New Home**

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

You might recall previous blog postings of the Kern River Beavers of Bakersfield, CA who, last month just before Christmas, were sentenced to death by city officials for gnawing down too many trees along Bakersfield Park at Riverwalk. Massive internet outcry, blog postings and nationwide attention saved the beaver family. KERO 23, a Bakersfield news […]

Beavers Get Death Sentence

Friday, December 21st, 2007

***UPDATE: KERN RIVER BEAVER FAMILY TO GET NEW HOME, 1/9/08, 10:53pm*** ***UPDATE: KERN RIVER BEAVER FAMILY SAVED, 12/21/07, 2:04pm*** Are beavers too good at their jobs? A news story released today has been creating quite a stir in the media. The Kern River Beaver Family of Bakersfield, California, has received a death sentence by wildlife […]

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