Conservation & Wildlife at OSU

August 5th, 2014

Oregon State University has proven to be a leader in campus sustainability for many years. The OSU Energy Center, the nation’s first LEED Platinum-rated power facility, became fully operational in June 2010. The Energy Center provides for the University’s energy needs through a co-generation process, allowing OSU to capture the waste heat from electricity producing turbines and convert it into steam heat. This allows OSU to generate nearly half of its electricity needs on site. OSU saves an estimated $650,000 a year in energy costs.

OSU has not only attained a Gold rating in STARS (the sustainability tracking, assessment and rating system), but is the highest green raking school in Oregon.

In addition to sustainability, OSU has made a significant effort to protect wildlife and natural resources on campus through the Oak Creek Restoration Project. This project includes removal of invasive species, reforestation, proper treating and buffering of storm water discharge, and several others. Oak Creek is also an outdoor learning lab- students have the opportunity to evaluate various restoration and protection methods, study riparian function and monitor stream improvements.

OSU also has an institute unlike any other. OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute is a facility that brings together the work and expertise of many programs including engineering, genetics, agriculture, aquatics, ecology, veterinary medicine, biology and communications. These programs work together to continue the legacy of discovery and preservation of critical habitats of target species and understanding how they interact with their environment and human activities.

THIS is Beaver Nation



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