Pomace Pastry? Compost Cupcake? New research developed through OSU’s Food Science and Technology program.

March 20th, 2013

Food Science and Technology, a major located in OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences, is leading the way in research that is both planet friendly and appeals to our taste buds!

Recently, an article was published by the Wine Spectator showcasing Oregon State’s efforts to recycle pomace; or what is leftover after grapes are harvested and pressed for wine. Yanyun Zhao, a professor here at OSU, is working to transform this waste into baking flour and other sustainable products.  This substitute, both healthy and earth conscience, is just one example of the new developments that are being discovered here in Beaver Nation.  As one of only two schools in the United States that have all four designated grants for land, sea, sun and space; Oregon State University continues to be a top tier research institute allowing students to not just sit in a classroom but be active in their field of study.


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