Big Reminders for High School Seniors

June 1st, 2012

Outside West Residence and Dining Hall

Outside West Residence and Dining Hall

As your high school journey ends with graduation we are looking forward to those students attending Oregon State University this coming fall!  The Office of Admissions would like to give you a few friendly reminders prior to summer.  Before you leave your high school make sure to request your final official transcript to OSU.  Another reminder is to double check and confirm that you have sent your SAT or ACT scores to our office.  Also, if you have taken any AP or IB (International Baccalaureate) exams you can request those scores sent our way too. 

To summarize, ask yourself these questions if you are attending OSU this fall:
Q) Have I requested my official transcripts to OSU?
A) If you said no to this question, ask your school to send your official transcript.

Q) I took the SAT and/or the ACT but did I send those test scores to OSU?
A) If you haven’t, click here to request your SAT scores and here for the ACT exam.

Q) Did I take any AP or IB exams?
A) If so, click here for AP and here for IB and request the scores to our office.

Q) I can’t remember what I’ve sent to OSU.
A) Click here to check your admission status and what our office has received.



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