National Corndog Day….You are welcome

March 5th, 2012


The Back Story

by Henry Otley, co-founder

The history of National Corndog Day dates back to 1992 to the sleepy college town of Corvallis, Oregon. Young Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley had just spent two solid days watching “the big men’s college basketball tournament” in the basement of Brady’s house. It was during the middle of the third day that Stan Sahnow (Brady’s father) realized that Brady and Henry had been living off of soda pop and potato chips for two days.

Figuring the boys needed some sort of sustenance to keep their attention and focus intact for that day’s tournament games, Stan rushed to the kitchen to see what he could make them. He passed by the muffins in the oven and the fruits in the basket. He opened the fridge and saw pastas, vegetables, sandwich fixings, juices, turkey, mashed potatoes, chicken soup, Chinese food, Mexican food, Greek food, even an entire ham, yet he knew that none of these foods would suffice for those two starving young men.

In desperation Stan opened the freezer door, and miracle of miracles what appeared in front of him was one box of 24 corndogs.

Another invention of Corvallis, Oregon. You’re Welcome.

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