Amazing Race: OSU Professor and husband continue in the race.

November 22nd, 2011

Bill and Cathi on the Amazing Race.

The amazing race continues! Earlier this year we blogged about a couple who were set to compete in the amazing race Bill and Cathi, who is a professor at Oregon State University.  First Blog on Bill and Cathi. They have been all over the world at this point in the season starting at Taiwan and the latest episode ending with the teams in Germany.  The couple has been in the race dealing with challenges testing their ability to work under pressure and the unexpected.  In the latest episode they traveled through Germany and while they started out strong with memorizing a poem  and reciting in on the other side of town.  They fell behind when it came to finding Legoland and the bodybuilding competition. Their secret to making it this far is “no yelling or blaming” the other team member which has seemed to work out for them quite well.   According to a poll, Bill and Cathi have been voted to make the top 3! To see what happens next week and if Bill and Cathi were eliminated make sure you watch the next episode


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