OSU’s Continued Commitment to Sustainability

February 8th, 2011

The Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS), a program of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, has given OSU a “Gold” rating for sustainability, which is the second highest rating a university can receive. The university has received recognition for its many programs and accomplishments that attributed to the gold ranking.

OSU Solar Trail in the Memorial Union Quad

OSU Solar Trail in the Memorial Union Quad

The OSU Solar Trailer captures and stores solar energy. The trailer is used to power outdoor events on campus and in the community. Viviane Simon-Brown is the coordinator for OSU Extension’s Sustainably Living Project and the founder of the National Network for Sustainable Living Education. The network is comprised of natural resource and extension professionals who “investigate, educate, and model sustainable living practices to individuals, families, institutions, businesses, camps, and schools.” Oregon State also has a growing number of LEED-certified buildings on campus, including the only LEED Platinum-certified building, the OSU Energy Center, in the United States. Other categories that OSU did well in during the evaluation include co-curricular education, research, dining services, grounds, water, coordination and planning, diversity and affordability, and human resources.

“We are the first Oregon university to be rated, let alone reach the (gold) rating,” said Brandon Trelstad, the coordinator for OSU’s sustainability coordinator. Oregon State University is fulfilling its mission to the state of Oregon by keeping our continued commitment to sustainability.

To read more: http://oregonstate.edu/ua/ncs/archives/2011/feb/osu-receives-gold-sustainability-designation



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