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December 16th, 2010

Here in Admissions, we hear inspirational coming to college stories and why students are jazzed about Oregon State University.  I’ve heard that students are excited about OSU’s competitive majors, research opportunities and countless resources available for their success.  For some, what sealed the deal was a visit to our beautiful campus.  Prospective students are learning about OSU by physically visiting our campus or by researching virtually.  One piece of exploring OSU could begin via the web through our Admissions website or facebook page or even this blog site is a super starting point.

Although, absolute nothing can replace the moment an interested student steps onto our campus and senses a feeling of community and belonging.  Sam, a sophomore in the University Honors College studying Marine Biology said this about his experience, “After visiting campus, I was convinced.  It was like being at home: it felt comfortable and right”.

Sam’s time on campus was coordinated by the Visitor Center located in Kerr Administration Building.  I had an opportunity to talk to Lizabeth Marquez, Coordinator of the Campus Visitor Center and learned about highlights the Visitor Center provides prospective students.  Here’s our conversation:

Why should a student go on a tour of campus?
A student should go on a tour of campus so they can see how beautiful OSU is. Going on a tour allows students to get a feel for what campus life is like and learn about the services and resources we offer to all of our students. Students also get to go into our beautiful buildings and check out our Dixon Recreation Center, a must see when visiting campus.

What can students look forward to when they visit OSU’s campus?
A friendly and welcoming staff here to answer any questions they might have. Our TOUR Ambassadors are excited to meet our visitors and share their student experiences on a 1 hour long campus tour.  Our University Housing and Dining office offers a 1 hour housing tour at noon everyday and we also set up academic appointments with different departments that allow students to learn more about their intended major.

How long does a visit usually last?
It really depends on the student and what they want to do while they are here.  We personalize everyone’s visit to fit their needs. When a student registers for a tour we ask what time they want to arrive and depart campus, if they want to meet with an admissions advisor, academic advisor and if they want to go on the housing tour. A visit can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Come see what Lizbeth, Sam and thousands of other prospective students have experienced on Oregon State’s campus by scheduling a campus visit or attending an on campus program.  Click here to schedule your visit now!

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