2010 Greek Recruitment (formerly known as ‘RUSH Week’ Success Tips)

September 20th, 2010

Today we bring you one of our other guest bloggers, Bob Kerr, coordinator of Greek Life at OSU, to discuss how to navigate Greek Recruitment (what was formerly known as RUSH Week).

So, the day has finally arrived and you are headed for your freshman year at Oregon State. You have decided, in concert with your parents, to participate in Greek recruitment (rush). With 45 chapters and 1900 students, Greek recruitment may feel a bit overwhelming. To help you enjoy the process, I have some success tips to help you make an informed decisions. So here goes:

1) Develop some questions that you will ask the chapters you visit. It is important that you recruit the chapter as much as they recruit you. Questions such as, “What is your scholarship support program?” and “What are your new member requirements?” and “What about intramural sport teams and community service?”
2) Get a clear picture of the time commitment. There is always a minimum number
of hours you will need to invest to be successful.
3) Clarify the cost to join. Be sure to ask about incidental fees like Dads Weekend,
and other special events,
4) Talk with your parents about your interest to join and answer any of their
5) Relax and enjoy yourself. Greek life is work but even the work is fun.

These success tips will help you navigate fraternity/sorority recruitment and insure that you are making an informed decision. The Greek community at Oregon State is an outstanding community with much to offer. If you, or your parents, have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bob.kerr (at) oregonstate.edu. Or, call me at 541-737-3660.

Welcome to Oregon State and I look forward to enjoying your participation in the OSU Greek community.


Bob Kerr
Coordinator of Greek Life
Oregon State University

If you are interested in participating in Greek recruitment this fall, visit http://greeks.oregonstate.edu and select ‘fraternities’ or ‘sororities’ depending upon your gender.


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