Another Invention Courtesy of OSU Scientists!

July 14th, 2010

A group of OSU scientists created a vegetable-based, pressure sensitive glue. The adhesive is environmentally benign and can be made from soybeans, corn or canola oil.   The scientists, including Kaichang Li, a professor of Wood Science and Engineering at OSU and recipient of the 2007 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the Environmental Protection Agency, were attempting to find a glue to use for wood-based composite products that would adhere at room temperature but would melt when heated. This new glue is not only more environmentally friendly but also significantly cheaper than the previous process.

Kaichang Li won the 2007 Green Chemistry award for his discovery of a non-toxic adhesive used to make plywood and particle board.


6 responses to “Another Invention Courtesy of OSU Scientists!”

  1. Thank you for informative article. Also thanks to Mr. Kaichang Li for working on non-toxic adhesive.


  2. great discovering and creation
    good luck scientists

  3. Great product, look forward to seeing it in the hardware store

  4. Max says:

    Nice post, very informative, precise and clear.. Thanx for sharing this post of yours with everyone.

  5. Annez says:

    so cool

  6. EelynnLee says:

    We certain need more of environmental free new inventions…. This is certainly an exciting new invention – environmental friendly vege based glue. The cheaper price tag could certainly be a big bonus aspect of it.

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