College of Forestry Researchers Revolutionizing Duct Tape and more?

July 9th, 2010

While these college of Forestry professors may not have invented “Duct Tape,” they may very well end up changing the glue behind the idea. Recently Kaichang Li, a professor of wood science and engineering, and his postdoctoral research associate, Anlong Li, made an incidental discovery in a wood products lab at Oregon State University. Together they created a new pressure-sensitive adhesive that may revolutionize the tape industry – an environmentally benign product that works very well and costs much less than existing adhesives based on petrochemicals.

OSU is filled with many great researchers who are consistently making contributions to both science and society. It is always fun to recognize these unique discoveries that are being made here on campus, so please check out the full article.

“OSU researchers discover new adhesive for tape, label industry”

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