OSU Graduate Will Be One of the First Women on to Serve on a Navy Submarine

June 2nd, 2010

Erienne Krisesch, an OSU officer candidate in Naval ROTC, will be one of 19 women to be the first women to serve on the nation’s ballistic and guided missile submarines. Up until April 2010, women in the Navy were not eligible to serve on submarines.  Krisech enlisted in the Navy five years ago through the Naval ROTC at Oregon State University and will be graduating in Radiation Health Physics.  She will learn how to operate almost all aspects of a nuclear submarine, including operating the reactor and navigating the boat.

Read the full article from the UniversityAdvancement webpage.

2 responses to “OSU Graduate Will Be One of the First Women on to Serve on a Navy Submarine”

  1. Andrew Scott says:

    I’ve always struggled to understand restrictions on women doing anything, so I applaud this and I’ve passed the article on to my girlfriend.

    However, I find her statement:

    “There are those who would argue that allowing women to sacrifice themselves for the protection of our nation is not a cause for celebration. I view it as the ultimate recognition of our worth. We are now truly equals.”

    a little difficult to comprehend and empathize… But then I also love the sea, but doubt I’d ever voluteer for submarines 🙂

  2. Well, I say congratulations to Erienne and the other 18 women that are going to be allowed to serve on the Naval Submarines. You’ve come a long way, girls. If they feel the call to join the Navy or any Armed Force then they have earned the right to serve wherever they feel they want to serve. We appreciate you willing to fight for our freedom and serve our nation! God bless you!

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