Study Abroad?

February 26th, 2010

Looking to get out and do something?

South Africa- Garden Coast

Have you ever considered studying abroad? Well I hadn’t until I became a student here at OSU where I was encouraged by my advisors to incorporate an international experience into my Undergraduate Studies. Which, with programs in over 90 countries ranging from studying at international universities, to teaching, researching or working, let’s just say I had options!

Check out the link to International Programs

Taking over an exam chair in Durban

In winter of 2008 I travelled to South Africa and had the opportunity to work and live in the local community of Durban. I worked in different hospitals and clinics by day and at night and on weekends took in all of the rich beauty, culture, and history that make up the wonderful country of South Africa. I never would have imagined traveling to Africa or working in hospitals and clinics through my time at OSU, but I guess I also wouldn’t have imagined taking many of life’s other jumps without coming to OSU!

Bloukrans Bridge SA- The highest bungee jump in the world!

 -Mike O.

13 responses to “Study Abroad?”

  1. Mustafa says:

    bungee jumping woow

  2. You are a lucky man. I always wanted to study abroad, but it is really a very hard goal to achieve through the country I live in. I am already finishing my master degree here, and I thinking seriously about another master abroad, anywhere in US or Europe.

  3. Studying in Italy was the best decision of my college years. I agree that traveling abroad opens you up to so many new experiences and helps give you the confidence to take other risks later in life. Go for it!!

  4. Hey even i thought about studying abroad ,but unfortunately my parents did not agree for that.
    I have heard that South Africa is a good place to study and thinking to visit over there .

    Eugene Aronsky

  5. Urlaub-2010 says:

    I would recommend Freiberg in Germany – who would like to study mining is right here

  6. Hubert says:

    I had also a hard struggle with my parents for studying in France, but finally I am happy to start in September! :-))

  7. Mr. Vine says:

    It is truly a good lifetime experience if we could study anywhere in the world regardless of life expenses and currency. We could learn lots of new things and uncover the wonders of our precious world. Awesome experience…thanks for sharing…

  8. Thierry says:

    abroad studies are in any case and in every country an enrichment!

  9. Sandra says:

    Really cool and amazing! It is an experience that everyone should be able to have!!

  10. Kontakte says:

    I like to do bunge man . Lookin forward to jump in 3 days – bungeeeeeee

  11. Bungee Jumping is very cool. I like it!

  12. We could learn lots of new things and uncover the wonders of our precious world.

  13. How did you like it to live in South Africa? I have heard, that life there can be quite dangerous because of the high crime rate. Is that true or just propaganda?

    By the way, I would never dare bungee jumping, though I believe it must be quite exiting.

    It is not so much because of fear, but more, well how can I say this?

    I don’t want to challenge my luck. I don’t know how to say this in english.

    It is the same with smoking. If you are lucky you stay healthy, if not you develop cancer, so why should I smoke.

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