Meet Morgan Stokes

January 12th, 2010

Once in a while, we like to feature current OSU students and their stories. I had the opportunity to interview, Morgan Stokes, a graduate of Valley Catholic High School in Beaverton, OR. Morgan started OSU this fall and has been off to a great start. Read on to learn about Morgan’s experience during his first term on campus:

Walk me through your first day on campus as a student. What was that experience like?

My first day on campus, was great and new, but also a little scary. I had to figure out where certain buildings were located, what my classes were all about, places where I could study, and places where I can eat and chill. I also got to take the time to know the people on my floor in my dorm (we’re pretty much a family now). The experience was pretty cool, I felt grown up and completely independent. No one is telling me what to do and I’m living on my own — I know that my future and education is entirely in my hands.

Now that you’re a few weeks into your first year of college, what’s been the hardest thing you’ve overcame?

The hardest thing to overcome at OSU is getting up for class! 🙂 Although you may have a 12:00PM class (For me, it’s Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), getting up around 10:30AM-11:00AM to get ready for class seems like getting up at 6:00AM. However, I found that if you take a nice, hot shower, you’ll be wide awake, refreshed and ready for class in no time.

If you could give one piece of advice to a high school senior making plans to go to college, what would you say?

It’s unrealistic for me to say to seniors, “Do not skip class,” when I did from time to time. 🙂 What I’ve learned in college is that attendance is extremely important and it is not a good habit to fall into, especially when you head into college and no one is making you go to class. It will only set you up for failure. In general, be smart about what you do. College is what you make of it and remember: you’re paying for it!

How has college/OSU helped you?

Oregon State is helping me in my transition into full-blown adulthood. I feel I am becoming more independent each day. At first, I was unsure how things would turn out in my new environment, but I am finding that everything at Oregon State is manageable. I take the time to figure things out and plan ahead and it is making me more and more responsible as a result. I am looking forward to what my future at Oregon State holds for me.

What sort of things are you doing now? What activities are you involved in?

Since it is still the first term at Oregon State, I am still learning the ropes and how things work. A lot of students (including myself) just took midterms (which is a type of a test), and we now know what to expect on them depending on our professors’ teaching styles. Right now, I am focusing on studying and keeping up on my school work. I am also in Pre-Dental club, and going to be taking part in some cultural Japanese clubs next term. There is ALWAYS something going on at Oregon State, and there is never a dull moment. I am proud to be powered by orange as an Oregon State Beaver!


5 responses to “Meet Morgan Stokes”

  1. Jan Wilson says:

    Way to go, Morgan. Glad to see OSU is such a good fit for you after Valley.

  2. Yoko Miwa-Cook says:

    モーガン・ストークスくん、こんにちは。I have had 3 students who went to OSU and applied OSU’s studying abroad program in Tokyo. You may try of course! Be sure to visit Nakajima-sensei for s placement test to resume your Nihongo study!

  3. Sarah Lynch says:

    Morgan so good things are working out well for you. We are so proud of you and are happy that this year seems a really wonderful experience for you. Take care and follow your own advice. Go Beavers! Mrs. Lynch

  4. Morgan it looks like you are off to a fantastic start and fitting in at OSU nicely, keep up the great work friend, and best of luck with your studies.

  5. Morgan, it looks like you have a great head on your shoulders. I agree 100 percent with this statement “attendance is extremely important and it is not a good habit to fall into, especially when you head into college and no one is making you go to class.” You are going to do great!

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