OSU chosen by medical institute to create an undergraduate genomics lab

November 18th, 2009

More evidence that Oregon State is THE research university in Oregon….from the Barometer:

For the last two years, OSU undergraduates have been researching and documenting bacteriophages, commonly known as phages (viruses that infect bacteria), as part of a three-year research project funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

OSU was one of 12 universities to be chosen by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute over a year ago to create an undergraduate genomics lab for students to research and catalogue phage DNA. The project has now expanded to 28 schools and OSU has increased from 14 students last year to 17 now in their second year.

Phages are microscopic viruses that attack and kill bacteria by using the bacteria as a host to create more and more phages, while destroying the bacteria in the process….The program also offers undergraduate students a chance to have their genome sequences and research published, as the 14 lab members did last spring at the National Center for Biology Technology Information.

According to Dee Denver, a co-instructor of the lab and an associate professor of zoology, their genome sequence for the phage “Colbert,” named after Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central, is published with the all the students’ names and could eventually play a part in developing treatments for tuberculosis.

How about a spot on the ‘Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen Colbert, DFA’ or ‘Alpha Dog of the Week’?


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