Lower Columbia College visits; remarks about Oregon State campus

November 4th, 2009

Last week, Lower Columbia College students made the long drive to Corvallis to visit Oregon State. Visit this link to see their pics and comments like this one:

My trip to Oregon State University was very special to me. I was deciding whether to go to WSU or Oregon State, and when I went on a tour to Oregon State, I saw many great things about it. I saw the awesome campus and also the really nice students. I also have a chance to get a double degree for a area in mathematics and one in teaching. Oregon State is the place for me to continue my education.—Daniel Bienapfl

Had they visited last Friday afternoon, they would’ve been treated to an MJ performance by our own Carl Thomas right outside the Campus Visitor Center.

Beaver Open House is on Saturday, November 21st. It’s an all day program and a great way to immerse yourself in what OSU has to offer. Or you can set up your own visit. Either way, we hope to see you on campus!

Fall visit

Fall visit


2 responses to “Lower Columbia College visits; remarks about Oregon State campus”

  1. Jocuri says:

    Very nice dance on this video

  2. MJ Fan says:

    My wife and the bridal party just performed the Thriller dance routine at a wedding. Everyone loved it.

    Looks like Carl knows how to boogie.

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