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September 29th, 2009

So since I am not hungry, most of my dorm is asleep, my classes are done for today, and I finally finished all of my homework I figured I would use this time wisely, instead of oh I don’t know playing halo for 99 minutes, and blog about something very important to me. Myself.

To the casual reader all they know so far is that my name is Sam, I attend Oregon State, and, hopefully, I am funny and well educated. But, much like my personal hero Optimus Prime, there is more to me then meets the eye.

Before attending OSU an arduous journey awaited me; college applications. Yes like all high school seniors I wrote the essays, took the tours, applied for the scholarships, and counted down the days until college acceptance, ore rejection letters, are sent out. Yes surprisingly enough there are a few schools out there who did not realize my potential and rejected me, but I hold no grudges against those schools for I have found a great home here in Corvallis. Other then OSU I applies to Humboldt, UC Santa Barbra, UC Davis, and unfortunately University of Oregon. But once I was accepted at the honors college here at OSU I accepted without hesitation,  before recieving a response from UCSB; which is saying a lot because UCSB was my top choice for a long time.

Now that I am at OSU I am majoring in Marine Biology and I plan on graduating from the honors college in a timely manner. After OSU I will most likely attend graduate school, hopefully at Scrips, and then I plan on studying the giant squid off of the coast of Japan. Although recently I have toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher or changing my major all together and becoming an English major. My only explanation as to why I would change to an English major is because of my high school English teacher Mrs. Devlin. Mrs. Devlin challenged me in every way she could every minute she could in order to make me a better write, but more importantly a better person. Everyday as I walk around campus or I am in class an opportunity presents itself where I can apply something that Mrs. Devlin taught. Whether it be a chance to write a lovely flowing sentence or a chance to recognize an allusion to Icarus as he fell from the heavens.So thank you Mrs. Devlin, from the bottom of the souls of my shoes, I thank you for all that you have done for me.

For those of you who are not Mrs. Devlin I apologize I hope that did not bother you too much. Other then my academic life I am a ballroom dancer and I hope on joining the prestigious ballroom dance team, know as cool shoes, and I swim and play water polo. When I am with my friends I love to laugh and tell jokes or play video games, or play ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, soccer, or capture the flag, all games that I have played with my new friends at OSU. Living at OSU has been fairly simple and straight forward. Everyone I meet is friendly and eager to be my friend, though from what I have heard most freshman are like that. But as I sit downstairs in the spacious McNary dorm recreation room and look out the window to the parking lot where my parents and I parted I can not help, but feel a flicker of homesickness deep within my stomach as I think about my friends and family back home and all the crazy things that they are doing that I am missing. But then I look to my right where I see the ping pong tables and couches and remember all the conversations I had here or I look out the opposite windows to the fields and recall the hours I spent running back and forth along those fields and the homesickness flickers out. Only to be replaced by a roairng inferno of hope and happiness and excitement because at OSU all things seem possible, and, much like the weather, you never know what you will run into next.



3 responses to “All About Sam”

  1. Blake says:

    And for those of you that may be curious as to who Sam is, I give you this:

    Nice pic, but he has shorn the locks.

  2. Pam Devlin says:

    Thank you, Sam, for your lovely words… You made my day!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog entries.

  3. Dea Dale says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Follow your dreams, marine biology can be a very exciting field, and with all (the bad) we are doing to our planet, I think it will be a very important field for years.

    I feel the encouragement you have gotten from your English teacher can be applied also to your obvious interest of traveling and studying after college.

    Good luck with your studies.

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