Life Sized Benny

August 26th, 2009

The only thing better for an office of die hard citizens of Beaver Nation than having the actual Benny Beaver working here is a LIFE SIZED CUTOUT of Benny. He arrived today, we are oh so excited!

Benny Beaver

This is a photo of two of our Admissions Bloggers, Matt Ogawa and Blake Vawter with the cutout of Benny.


4 responses to “Life Sized Benny”

  1. Yeah! go Benny Beaver- I love this guy.

  2. Kaizen says:

    Love the picture

  3. Meble Lublin says:

    I wish i could have this cutout in my room.

  4. svetlana12 says:

    Is Benny single? lol

    Driving down from Seattle early in the morn to go to the game…I can’t wait to go to Tailgaters before the game!!


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