Get your OSU photostamps NOW!

August 25th, 2009

As a citizen of Beaver Nation, if it’s new, stylish and Orange & Black, I MUST have it! I just stumbled across one of the USPS’s hot new offerings, collegiate stamps. If I do say so myself, the OSU stamps are particularly attractive. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds go to support OSU directly. Check out the designs they offer:

Now, the OSU Admissions Office is a paperless unit, but if you send us something stamped with an OSU stamp…Your mail will certainly elicit a happy dance!

In case you’re still hedging as to whether you need these or not, here are some clever uses for OSU stamps:

A letter home to the ‘rents asking for money.
A letter to your daughter/son telling her/him to get a job.
Care packages (chocolate chips cookies are always a win).
Your BASF donation check.
Bills…Even the electric company loves OSU!
Tax returns, remember that OSU accountants score amongst the top five universities in America on the Fundamentals of Accounting Exam.
A letter home from your study abroad in Italy/Spain/Greece.
Resumes to potential internship employers.

Come on! What else do you need to read? Go get yourself a book of these handsome stamps!!


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